Ruslan 4th September 2016

Ruslan Vigovsky


Hello Peeky,


Okay, I will work on that and send a pencil sketch.


But the images which you sent as examples for Wizard image are cunning and despicable, but are not terrifying and demonic. This is a demonic smile. Need a different facial expression for a terrible face. If you want the demonic smile I can do that.


Are the book titles the same? Please let me know what name is going on the front cover with the logo and what title is on the front cover with Wizard's face.








+I did not find any is the deal...I will appreciate every draft that you send me. I am looking for a face that stands out - that makes people stop a few seconds longer to take note. Call it what you like but the faces are anything but normal. I understand some are super-exaggerated, but the Wiz you create is going into a use any face that looks terrifying, insane, dispicable, demonic, terrible - you decide. However, it needs to be a showstopper for the cover of a book.


You have created showstopper art scenes already - so I know you can do it.  Create it even if you don't like it. I will share and get others thoughts on your creations.  All I can say is that others liked the images I sent you with respect to being unique, attention-getters, and curious enough to ask a question as to their origin.





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