Ruslan 4th June 2016

Ruslan Vigovsky




The price for Illustrations depends on the complexity from $XXX to $XXX. $XXX is for the simple illustration with one character. All the latest scenes were complicated with a lot of characters, so the price is $XXX. While working on the illustrations the scenes and requirements become more complex. Frankly, I would charge more for these complex illustrations, but I will stick to our agreement.


 Cost of CD with art on the actual CD including limited edition and numbered (CD recording + printing on the CD) - $XXX (100 - 500pcs).


How much EXTRA If I add art to a heavy duty sleeve (or is that a bad idea) $ - What do you mean?


What do you meant regarding the stamp?


I think it is better to do paper (cardboard) envelope. Printing of 100 pcs - $XXX per one, 500 pcs - $XXX,XXX per one.


For shipping of 100 pcs in paper envelopes - $XXX and 500 pcs - $XXX.








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