Ruslan 31st july 2016

Ruslan Vigovsky


Hello Peeky,


We agreed earlier that the working on the sketch(es) is considered separately from the final scene ($XXX).


It always has been. Believe me, I try to do everything at the most reasonable low prices. I said that if there will be more 3 versions of the sketch, it will be considered separately. In fact, I added $XXX to the normal working, because I had already made 6 versions. But I think that the detailed drawing and sepia will cost $XXX. The main problem is that the original ideas were changed and I had to make new compositions, change the format.  For example, at first, the crows have to go where Toto, then they must be turning from Toto in the opposite direction and run away. Recently you wanted to change the composition to horisontal format.


I have reviewed the last new ideas to work in the seventh frame of the scene (one sketch to this is included in the $XXX). You want to move Toto and William in the distance, and the birds in the foreground. After serious consideration of these ideas, I came to the conclusion that the original concept loses its foundation. Previously, the dog's eye was a key image and was in the foreground. Since you want to move Toto, his eye will be small and it will not work. Also, mutual spatial relationships between the characters will be lost. They will be approximately equal in size and Toto not in priority. I hope for your understanding.


Let's finish this scene, and then will work on the next one.


Please pay for the done work and I will continue to work on the next sketch.








Greetings Ruslan,


It would sure make me happy if you could copy me on the earlier emails where I agreed all sketches were to be $XXX and limited to three before I pay again. All of our discussions are in Guru. I would rather be wrong and eat crow, then be mad.


On another note.  The focus of this scene was NEVER the eye.  The focus has always been the crows. Their reaction to the eye popping open and scaring them. I kept wondering why you kept making the cow and Toto so big. I kept mentioning how crammed up the scenes were with Dorothy at weird angles, and after commenting, I would get another scene with everything still bunched up and crammed in vertical.


Now you still want to make the image in a vertical layout. If you can pull this off now that you seem to understand what I am asking for and you can get the text in without this scene looking as tight as the others, the earlier versions, that would be excellent because everything would be bigger and the excellent detail you provide could more easily be appreciated.  However, if you can't then I don't want to pay for any more practice runs.


I like the action of the crows in the last scene. Would it be better to show their posture a second or so before they take flight, before they fully turn around. I understand that you are modeling the images I sent you, but I could not find an image showing what I am trying to describe now. I was thinking of an image with one crow turning away and the other with feet off the ground looking forward with wings sweeping him-her backward? Remember, the female does not have a full tail of feathers and one of them has to be notably bow legged.


Just do the best you can. I wish I could draw well enough to better communicate. Regardless of my annoyance, I take the blame for being half of the inability to express in words what I hope to see on canvas.





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