Ruslan 23rd july 2016



Is this the image you said I did not respond to?  If not send me the image again and I will respond if I have not.






Ruslan Vigovsky


Hello Peeky,


Today I made a new sketch (I depicted the characters on the left closer) and attached all the sketches to the scene.


I would like to repeat: it is necessary to show Toto with a fragment of William in the foreground and desirable on the right, that I did. There is limited space on the left, where need to place the three characters that have to interact with Toto. They should not be small. I did my best to be able to show the emotions of the characters (as you want) in the detailed drawing in this book format.


There are certain laws of composition in the plane of the sheet. Also see my yesterday's message.


You did not answer regarding the new version of the bird man.

I attached it again. Please answer on this and I will work on the bird woman.

I am waiting for your reply.








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