Pinterest and Corn Fritters

Today I commented on a corn fritter recipe on Pinterest. They looked so perfect, lushious, and delectable.  But only the author had eaten them.  Did that stop the comments? No..."looks good!" "Wow" and most of the comments were along the lines of "I will make these soon!"   As a commentee - who cares? I told them too. Go to That site has a system. And the people make the recipes...not talk about making the recipes...

Comments on Allrecipes are high starred and the most prized comment of them all is the one that changes the recipe slightly, offers brilliant insights, and practical hints based upon real-world experience.

In any event. Someone on Pinterest finally agreed to make the recipe. I warned them that their fritters would fall apart! The commentor following me agreed and encouraged the only brave person among us to "add an egg". My contribution was to serve it in a cereal bowl with milk for breakfast once the fritters fell apart.

Why am I writing about food instead of the Oziian? Because I have been trying to get my head wrapped around social media and how to use it to enhance attention in Kickstarter, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  I got professional counseling and great advice. Now I need a professional to handle my social media for me.  I have always said that if I want something done right, then I should pay to have it done.

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