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Greetings Ryan, I see the problem in communication. I sent this list to you on June 26 to your hotmail. Should have added it in Guru which I include now.  You have a number of other items in your last email, but if we agree on these then lets move forward on the rest.  Please do me a favor though, I am doing some sample drawings with two other artists.  You have the most experience and I would love to see what you can do, but if you are too busy to give this your attention in the near future, just let me know and I will come back when I am writing book 3.


Other Terms and Conditions.


...I am to own unconditionally all drafts and final scenes outright, free and clear, once you are paid.


...Each final scene will need to be provided in the following formats, jpeg, tif, and pdf and with a preferred density of 300 dpi or with sufficient pixels (where applicable) to print a pristine image of 24 x 30 inches.


...Furthermore, I require that you print each scene revision no smaller than A4 or 8.5 X 11", number it, enter its creation date, and initial/sign it


...In addition, to your fee for creating each scene, I will pay $XXX to cover your cost of printing and first class mailing of all revisions, be it one or ten revisions for each completed scene which need not be printed on archival paper.


...You will get credit for your art on my website, WizardWasOdd.com or Oziian.com (Wizard Was Odd Squad) and in any and all digital and printed books. You may write your own bio for Oziian.com and include whatever art you might have created before working with me that you believe might help your career or promote your talents. I reserve the right to edit and restrict the amount of downloads and any art that might be deemed risque or inappropriate for children


...You understand and agree that I reserve the right to work with multiple artists.


...To increase my social media presence in the promotion of my Kickstarter platform, I intend to use our Guru interaction as it pertains to the development and finalization of characters and scenes.  I any fees requested, agreed upon, or paid. This exposure will likely present you with opportunities from others and will allow you to charge accordingly.  Nor will I publish our cost of Giclee prints and your portion if separately stated for signing, numbering, and possibly stamping.  Fees will show as $XXX.


...If you are unable to complete the next draft of an image within four days of the date that you estimate, you are to provide me with notice and an estimated completion date. If that is unacceptable to me, I will have the right to re-assign the art to another artist.


...If for any reason I am unsatisfied with a preliminary sketch, I reserve that right to cancel or reassign that image and will pay you one quarter of what your final billing for that completed scene would have been.


...If I am satisfied with the preliminary, and unsatisfied with the final color scene, then I will pay half of what your final billing for that completed scene would have been. I am not permitted to use your rejected scenes as limited edition art or as images within the  books. If I later do decide to do so, you will be paid the balance of your fees.


...You will be paid within ten business days of when I am billed by Guru (seldom if ever will you have to wait this long).


...You agree to oversee the printing, signing, and numbering (possibly stamping) the limited edition prints within thirty (30) days of my request.  You understand that the future demand of any limited edition prints come from Kickstarter Patrons from all over the world who have advanced funds to acquire these prints and therefore, you are indirectly working with and have a responsibility to provide the signed art agreed upon to what could be hundreds of international patrons of the arts.


In closing, I look forward to working with you, Ryan. Ask any questions and as we work together, if I am slow to respond, feel free to bug me. I shall do my best to be responsive. Send me your artist agreement incorporating this language so we can get started!



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