OnDrawnWings 13th june 2017



Hi Peeky,


Yeah--can you enlighten me on that, a bit?


When I've been setting my price per set of prints, I have merely been adding a couple hundred for my time signing and stamping, the cost of metallic ink and the cost of my custom stamp, etc. (I love doing them that way, though, with the stamping and custom touches)


Are you suggesting that I set the price higher, because you are offering these to a crowdfunding situation?


Maybe I am not understanding fully.


But yes, I will keep working with you on this, no problem.


Give me a little time to find some other contenders. I tried a local one that I wasn't aware of, but they do not seem apt.






Some of the other artists are having success finding sources that are able to produce prints in the range that I had worked out with my prior artist.  I am suggesting that I expect you to make a few bucks on each print and if I have to pay a few dollars more per print because You can't get a better price, then I will consider that. I do not want to pay more than I have to because then I have to charge more for Kickstarer.  But...





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