OnDrawnWings 10th july 2017



Hi Peeky,


I did my best to hybridize our agreement into a form that works for both of us. I hope you can see that I spent hours doing so--however, I must say again that I am no lawyer and my attempts, though in earnest, may not be legally sound.


In the end, it is my opinion that all problems are 9/10 a communication breakdown or expectations that have jumped the gun.


With a calm conversation almost any disagreement of terms can be mitigated.


It is my feeling that we can do together what I have done with hundreds of other clients, and simply get good work done that you can use, hopefully.


Maybe it's a good time to go over a few personal details:


a) I am typically in studio, working from about 10 AM - 2 AM through the week, with breaks for this and that, and swimming / exercise toward the 7 - 10 evening hours.


b) I do work on weekends, but it's at my behest (with a break as my main goal) and usually Saturday "mornings" (my version of morning shifts due to insomnia (see below)) and Sunday afternoons until evening. You are always free to call me then, from 2 - 11 PM, just as you are through the week.


c) **I will never willfully ignore any communication from you, whether it's email or phone calls, however, when I am deeply into my work, I often purposely unplug and turn off my phone for several hours.


d) I suffer from a true insomnia that can kick up without any provocation or stress, leaving me to have what some people feel are very strange or inconvenient work hours. I apologize for any delays caused by this. For example, I am currently awake until 1 PM at this time. I assure you I have little control over this condition. AS far as insomnia goes, I am the real deal...not the guy who just stays up too late binge-watching Netflix.


e) I don't take vacations often, but about once a month, my wife and I visit family for about 3 days at a go. If any longer vacations come up, it is my intent to give you notice.


f) My workstation is a very big deal for me...My new computer (#2 of the new machines) is working, but has bugs which I believe are due to moving to Windows 10. I am working on this every day, and may still have some technical delays due to these issues. I may even have to resubmit my machine one last time (hopefully) for servicing some of these issues, and may lose 3 days or so. (I would have to ostensibly add 3 days to my deadlines in times like that)...I hope I don't have to, very much.


I thought of one thing I need from you when you choose the 3 scenes...


If I am re-imagining a character that another artist tried and could not capture, to your hopes, please do forward the attempts, and let me know what you would like to have changed about them.


Thanks, Peeky,


Let me know if we're there,







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