Fearsome Creature Needed

Greetings Ruslan - I am attaching a few pages of the story that I think would make a good scene. Give me your thoughts, please. I am also attaching a few images. Instead of a lion, the creature looks somewhat like a lion but it is a mythological beast called a manticore. You can look it up online. Here are some images that I would like incorporated into its design. I am attaching a gif of a tiger-lion laying beside a guy. I love the nasty look on this tigers face - it is a video for three sec and if it does not come that way I will send you a link. Try to get as close as you can to its ugly expression. I also want the head of the manticore to be somewhat spikey and you can add some plates to the body if you can make it work. It is fine to have hair and spikes and plates. It would look funny without hair. I am attaching some images of spikes and plates. you can use your imagination to make it more interesting or too beef up the creatures we already created. For the dalailamas, you will use the bug like creature you created, but will have to make it look fearsome, bigger, spread out and also pose in a way that makes it look just as deadly or more than the manticore. You also designed a cow like creature with wings but it is not fearsome. The scene I am thinking of has a large tree that the woodman felled to span a gorge. Scarecrow,Toto, Dorothy, Chip Chopper are on one side. Two of the creatures are on the felled tree in the process of crossing. The manticore is on the tree, same side as his comrades, attempting to block their crossing by rearing up and looking fearsome. See attachment for a bit more info. 

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