Advance Sketch by OnDrawnWings - 19th August 2017


Aug, 19 OnDrawnWings


Hello Peeky,

OK, I have the first of 2 advanced sketches ready. This represents a leap from pencil to 3D sculpted scene.

Here are the caveats of this stage:

1) The color is preliminary. I can't say this enough. In this case, it's a little close though.

2) The lighting and shadows (while in my mind) are something I finish with the final. The mist will also be painted last.

3) Although this scene is very detailed, there are some small details / facial features / hair that will look very different or cleaner in the final.

I have attached some past "sketch 2 final" examples that may help you understand.

The "apple scene" is an example of going from rough pencil thumbnail straight to final. I love working that way--but it's for when a client gives me 100% trust and carte blanche.

The "Cat and the Girl" are an example of an "Advanced Sketch 2 Final" and can show you where you'll end up in with the final.

Personal thoughts: I like this image, like, if you and I reached an impasse, I would still finish it just for my portfolio and enter it in fantasy contests.  I spent a week straight figuring out the composition and details. I sincerely hope you can approve for final.

I kinda want to see what you think before I bust my butt finishing the 2nd one we currently have going.

Kind regards & appreciation,






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