Lynda dot com has always been my go to when it comes to learning how to do something that the manual does not explain...which is pretty much everything. When software and devices are labeled "intuitive", I know that means I will be spending time on line learning. In fact,  if it has anything to do with photography, software, or technology, I am knocking at her door.  

Over the years, I have used this service for learning aspects of Word, Power Point, Photoshop-CS4, Ipads, Iphones, Google Drive, and the list goes on.  So it makes sense that I would turn to this service first to better understand FB, Twitter, and Instagram. For days, I did just that. I jumped between online tutorials, marketing tips, and "How To Rock Social Media". In the end, I had a much better understanding of those platforms and I walked away knowing that if left up to me, I would NOT be rocking social media and furthermore, if I wanted my Social Media platform to work well, then I needed to pay someone to do it.

Trying to nail down miscellaneous printing costs such as shipping and getting samples of the book cover materials for the printed edition.

Printed and Digital Kickstarter Rewards Worked Out...


Finalizing the three tiers for the publication of books for Kickstarter rewards... 

Yesterday I spoke with Brent. He has a lot of experience and helpful suggestions. He was able to recommend art sizes and will come back with some ideas and prices.



Correspondence  with an experienced fine art printer...

One of the printers misunderstood my specs...but not to MY advantage.

Oziian and thewizardwasodd are also pointing at my site

Trying to think of ways to shave some costs without quality on the limited edition prints


I have spent the best part of the day continuing to get a better handle on this

Character issues have been resolved - Jim, a dalailama, Kind Wizard image, and a gribbon (someone's last name that I thought sounded like a good creature name). Ladies do not like Dorothy - back to the drawing board.

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