I went through all the trouble of Cutting and pasting The Spanish version Of the story portion of Kickstarter And when I got ready to say it but, it said I had too many characters . Regardless of whatever I did or deleted I still had too many characters. I know for a fact that I didn't have too many characters because I had a word version that included the American and translation And it was only 31,000 characters not the 35,000 characters . I will try again tomorrow. :(((((

Good Afternoon!

I have been busy with updating things to launch my Kickstarter campaign.  A lot can change in a year or so and I suppose much of that change was inside me. I have been hot and cold with this blog. I apologize and hope to add a consistent entry each day until I launch.

For some reason...earlier entries in my blog show up in my wizardwasodd.com website (AKA) Oziian.com as unshared with social media. So I will be sharing five entries a day from prior years until I get those caught up.

Today - I am working on copying my Spanish revisions into Kickstarter. For the last month, I have been rewriting much of my Kickstarter platform. I sent it off to Maria to be translated and these translations are what I will be entering in to Kickstarter today. Some of the links may work, but none of the images came through...so for those you will have to wait unless you visit the website mentioned above and look around.  Talk soon...

Scene 6: The making by Ruslan -  19th September 2017

Firewalker Bugs Sketching Part 2 by OnDrawnWings - 19th September 2017

Monkey Scene, Firewalker, Gobble and Chicken Scene by Anna Sh - 18th September 2017

"The Snizzle of Social Sizzle" by Ruslan - 11th September 2017

Lion, Toto and Scarecrow Detailing by Anna Sh - 11th September 2017

Firewalker Bugs Sketching by OnDrawnWings - 11th September 2017

Monkey Scene Sketch by Anna Sh - 7th September 2017

Jack Musical Scene With Color by Ruslan - 5th of September 2017

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