Today I posted a job to transcribe the last four months of my communications with my character and scene artist from Guru into my website. I want the same sort of set up that I have on my web page for the Evolution of Western Oz.


In the last four or so months, I have over 300 pages of emails between us. There are also over 200 images, mostly Ruslan's. I cut and pasted the entire thread to Word. There were countless Guru images and my title/company information. I monkeyed with it a bit and decided that the purging of these will take me forever. Furthermore,  between each text there is a link to an image file. This has got to go on my website as a jpeg, not a link, so each image has to be downloaded and renamed by date... Then if I want to add it to a blog, each image has to be uploaded.  So, I am getting quotes for that service...




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