These will be offered on Kickstarter signed and numbered by the artists.  For more info on each artist, Check out the Wizard Was Odd Squad on

If you want a peek at what will launch on August 1, Follow this link. Kickstater Preview - The Wizard Was Odd

Last Sunday, I added images to Toto's Tale and provided it to the Hostbaby digital publisher along with a cover photo. It is supposed to come back to me within a week.  Once I get it, I can submit it to a couple of places for a book review. This should be helpful as the turnaround time for that is two weeks and it will come out during Kickstarter.

Shortened URL to Kickstater Preview of Toto's Tale and Trail of Tears....

This weekend I have to study up on what to do once Kickstarter begins - once I launch...


Amazon (for Kindle)


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Administrator Jane Albright will post our start in Face Book. She also provided some interesting info about the interest and demand for the Oziian...

Thank you for writing the Oz Club, Bob.  

We receive requests for support from so steady a stream of writers and producers that our options are limited.  We can share your kickstarter on Facebook, and once you have a book published, you can submit it to our review editor for consideration in The Baum Bugle. But that's about it. 
More than 100 new Oz related titles were added to in 2017. There are already 60 added so far this year. I suspect only 5-10% of those are consistent with the Oz world of L. Frank Baum, of course -- and that index doesn't even attempt to include the documentaries fans produce. There is just too much new material being developed for our Club to help new projects get off the ground.
But again, I can share your kickstarter link on my facebook page where it can be re-shared and seen by fans in the Oz community. 
Jane Albright

We are on countdown.  If anyone can help me out with any Wizard of Oz Bloggers, or Website Contacts, I would appreciate that.  I would hope to be able to provide them one of the limited edition rewards in exchange for their sharing my Kickstarter Project...

Thank you...Peeky!

I am trying to decide who to reach out to. and work out the social media aspect...

There are also some other steps that I need to take that are recommended by Kickstarter...

Dear Dorian,
As you read this, forget about Kickstarter. I wasn't suggesting SCBWI be involved in Kickstater. The two have nothing to do with one another.
I provided the Kickstarter link because in this one place,  I was able to provide a comprehensive overview of many of the aspects of self-publishing.  Many hear self-publishing and think, "I'll just run to Amazon". There is or can be so much more and I was hoping SCBWI might see an opportunity to reach out with sessions and classes of interest to the huge majority of writers and want to be's who will never be published.
Yes your seminars do teach writing - but the four years that I was a member much of them were about how and what to write to be published - They were taught in many cases by and geared to what agents and publishers were looking for.
I am proposing sessions geared to writers like me who would rather self publish than give up.
In closing, thank you for taking the time to read this. I have enjoyed your seminars.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service!

Bob Moyer

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