Working Through the Layout of Book One Book Cover Dust Jacket

Ruslan, What if we use the current cover for the back cover? Could its current non-color image work or you could color it. I am open to ideas and thought the same as you. I know the front cover will require a sketch.
Thx for working with me on this and the Z...Save that draft of the "Z" because I have to pass it around. However, can you make one using realistic looking lightning it can spread out a bit...


I think would be good to show the foul sky with storm clouds, the raging storm/hurricane so it was combined with the front cover. What do you think?


Okay, I will do more realistic lightning instead of the "Z". Ruslan


I am open to your ideas because you are good at what you do. The only other idea that I could come up with would be to split the cover Image so to speak. The face of the wizard instead of being in the upper right would be in the upper left .on the front cover and in the upper right on the back cover. The scene on the back would be a flip image of the scene on the cover.


Hello Bob,

Please see the attached sketch. I had planned to place the text at the bottom. It will look impressive in the finished cover: Heavy realistic clouds, the feeling of the wind. Hope you will like it. Best regards, Ruslan


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