Working Out "Trail of Tears" Book Cover


Hello Bob,
I try to change the sketch according to your comments, but there are some contradictions. To show the jumberellos floating necessary to depict them in motion. I did that. You would think that they fly, but how to show differently a floating movement? At the same time they are in the sky, but do not fly. To appease the "chaos" I am deleting those creatures which move in the opposite direction, although you mentioned earlier that they must move in different directions.

Dec 26

Greetings Ruslan...

Language is such a fickle lady...I surely try your patience, know it and regret it...

I am attaching some images which show a sense of motion - When I say floating, I am thinking of these illustrations and the images I am trying to convey to you. I really like the wallpaper attachment. It shows dimension, motion, is striking, and it has spacing for the other necessary parts of the book cover...

Flying vs Floating

Both flying and floating denote an object in suspension. In particular, flying is a term closely associated in aviation or air travel. It is often used in instances of movement or suspension in the air or the atmosphere. Flying also denotes movement and direction of mechanisms like airplanes and other aircraft. Flying happens when the aircraft is supported by a mechanism (a wing, in this instance) and with a high pressure under the wing and a lower pressure on its top.

In terms of speed, flying can be in either high or low speed. Direction can also refer to any point of geographical markers like north, south, east, and west.

On the other hand, “floating” is a word associated with water or any kind of fluid. Any object that is in suspension in water is expressed as a floating object. This can apply to many objects;vehicles like ships or boats or even human or other material objects like balls and other dense objects. It is also used as a term to describe suspension in outer space or any space without the presence of gravity. “Density” and “buoyancy” are common properties for objects in relation to floating and water. When used in the context of outer space, the term “weightless” is more appropriate.

Like flying, floating also denotes movement but in a non-specific direction. Floating also denotes a slow movement without any indication or control. In this respect, the word is akin to drifting or wandering but on water.


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