The Last Few Days


Christian continues to work on his map and his skills are amazing. Nonetheless, I have Dreadful Wilds which do not look dreadful and the Outlands, desert country that needs a good deal of personality. So I flipped through some maps and sent him some with illustrations of features that I like for ideas. I can't draw and a picture says 1000 words - this is the best way to communicate with him.

For details, check out the Evolution of Western Oz.


I hired a young lady from my placement in Guru. She will download them to a shared dropbox file; And the hundreds of pages of dialog between Ruslan and I will be free of headers, images, and my closing information. After


Her name is Jessica and she is very precise. She just informed me that she finished with the images.



I followed up with Global and Wert to see where their book quotes were. Global...astronomical...




I heard back from Ruslan - I was wanting more realistic characters. He wrote a full page explaining why what we have is fine. Now I have to spend the time thinking about it.

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