Thank You Wonderful Wizard of Oz Club!

Administrator Jane Albright will post our start in Face Book. She also provided some interesting info about the interest and demand for the Oziian...

Thank you for writing the Oz Club, Bob.  

We receive requests for support from so steady a stream of writers and producers that our options are limited.  We can share your kickstarter on Facebook, and once you have a book published, you can submit it to our review editor for consideration in The Baum Bugle. But that's about it. 
More than 100 new Oz related titles were added to in 2017. There are already 60 added so far this year. I suspect only 5-10% of those are consistent with the Oz world of L. Frank Baum, of course -- and that index doesn't even attempt to include the documentaries fans produce. There is just too much new material being developed for our Club to help new projects get off the ground.
But again, I can share your kickstarter link on my facebook page where it can be re-shared and seen by fans in the Oz community. 
Jane Albright

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