Ruslan 9th October 2016

Ruslan Vigovsky

Hello Peeky,

Hope you are not affected by the hurricane.


I attached the logo on a separate layer, the previous book cover and the books in the needed version.


I also made the changes in the book cover on a purple background. If all is well with this I'm going to do the realistic books.


Best regards,









Greetings Ruslan,


Please go back and look over your earlier finished midnight blue books. These have the text that they were supposed to. The images you sent to me have no texture.


I would like the "Commemorative Gold Edition" almost equal to or equal to the size of "The Wizard Was Odd" on the book cover.


I wanted the Oz logo to appear in a very large size on the back cover. I will not have the time to test the layer until next week end.  However, perhaps we could put the one I've paid for on the back cover with the lightning. You did a fine job with that logo and lighting and lighting and maybe reverse it for the  second book. Lets get it the way we want it on the back cover before we worry about using it on the front cover of the other book.


I am attaching the purple cover image you sent to me and the background image that  I have downloaded from the site that provides the book cover material which is the one I am counting on using. I would like to see a draft that isn't washed out or blurred - Notice the lightness of the original and the clarity of the mable pattern as well as the grain. Please provide images that are crisp and sharp like your first hardcover books.[Inline image 3][Inline image 2][Inline image 1]


Thanks - I look forward to seeing your next set of drafts.








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