Ruslan 8th October 2016


Greetings Ruslan,


I will check this out this week end. We are dealing with a hurricane right now.


On another note, I am attaching an image of the blue book that you designed. I cannot find the image where you showed or put the second book, Trail of Tears on top. Can you send me that to me? thx





Greetings Ruslan,


Before I finalize this layout I would like to see it on the purple colored material that you selected for the cover.


Also, I tried playing with the logo, adding it to this image, but kept running into the problem that I was trying to avoid.  You will notice the white background on  the logo. I had asked that you remove all background in an earlier email (it was grey-I think).


The reason I wanted it removed was so that I could drop the logo in where I wanted without the surrounding white or grey background. I wanted to see how it might look without bothering you for another draft.


Can you please send me the logo image without a background.  So when I do drop it on a another background, the only thing I see is the logo. Even if the only way you can send it is at a layer.


In closing, before you spend any more time on this project, please replicate the text on the purple cover stock.


Also on the purple color stock - somewhere on the front cover please put "Commemorative Gold Edition". You can put it where you have "Commemorative Edition" if you like but I would like it bold and large - please remove the text "1900 - 2020, Celebrating 120 Years". We will move this to the back cover and that will leave more room for the text that I am asking  for here.


Thank you, I look forward to seeing your draft.





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