Ruslan 8th June 2016

Ruslan Vigovsky


Hello Peeky,


I changed the book cover. It is attached.


Regarding the CD.


I suggest such version. This will be done as in the attached photo.


The price from 300 pieces is:


Cost of CD with art on the actual CD including limited edition and numbered (CD recording + printing on the CD) - $XXX.


Such cover with plastic box, including design and printing on the cover - $XXX.


These prices include my signature on the CD or on the cover for your choice.


Best regards,







Ruslan Vigovsky


Hello Peeky,


Is everything okay with the PDF, which I sent yesterday? I can go ahead and create new illustration.


How many scenes (approximately) do you plan to do?








It requires adjustment. I will forward later. Alligators up to my knees now.






Thank you for the clarification on the CDs, I will look it over.


On the cover, can you please make these changes...


Back Flap - can you put a bit more space between the sentences? Also, can you move the text up so that perhaps all of it has the dark sky-stars as a back drop.


Back Cover - This looks much better and seems to be a good way to deal with emphasis - thank you. Please note the words on the monument. You changed the color to match the emphasized term, however, you failed to color the last line of the poem the same as the first three lines


Also, the text following the last line of the poem tends to bleach out. Please move the logo and the sentence following it to the bottom of that page and raise the block of text so that none of it remains on the grey landscape.


Change the wording starting with...Sighing softly as follows.


Sighing softly in passing, a parched and torrid wind spread upward upon the mountain face behind us. In its wake, the malevolent shriek of a banshee cry followed with a second wave of blistering heat, courtesy of Hell's Hearth. Like the whistle of a freight train, its sorrowful bale waned in passing.


The sentence before (Sighing softly) is fine and so is the one following (waned in passing).


Spine - I like the layout that you did in the first cover. Please emulate that style and add the text Book 2.


Front Cover - Please figure out a way to put The Wizard Was Odd Trilogy on the front cover w the lightning bolt like Book 1 Front Flap - we may need to remove the last sentence as the flap is cluttered and we have the same concept beneath the Logo.


Front Flap - danger expanse of land inhabited ( add land to sentence)


miscreations - delete apostrophe: miscreation's


When you get done, if any of the text looks cramped - please try line spacing a bit. You can send me different proofs or experiments.





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