Ruslan 8th August 2016


First I apologize! I will pay you $XXX, not for your words as I was very careful about never discussing prices or anything detrimental, I am paying you because I believe an apology should carry a prices. I will quit using your emails going forward but will paraphrase what I want to convey.


On another note, the dates are wrong. I got behind and have done very little since we swithched from "book cover" to "graphic art". I need to blog twice a week until I do Kickstarter which i hope to start in a month. If I started at where we were, I would have been with nothing to blog. However the timeline is correct,


Again I apologize.



Ruslan Vigovsky




I can agree to $XXX, but need to correct and delete some posts, especially those that make no sense for the end result. I can choose the most important and send you later how I see it should be.


I would also like you agree with me all that will be published in the future.


Waiting for your reply regarding the last changes in the sketch and am ready to start on the detailed illustration.






I am pleased with everything but the text if it is not too difficult please relocate the text using the two options I offered. We will choose one of the two options or the version as it stands. It was in the same email as the eye - the eye look sgreat.  I know you are into balance and such, but I am sharing these images and if this is the feedback I am getting then they care more about form also, than substance. The comments are from those who might buy one.


Your offer sounds fine to me - what made you change your mind about allowing me to publish future ones?


Your willingness to open up on this creates an opportunity for another idea I am working on which is offering limited edition printed manuscripts of our developmental character and scene interactions. This is something I would offer on Kickstarter, like me offering your scenes.  Therefore, keep this in mind before you come up with an email delete list.


Recall I never gave out your fees.  Also think of reality least in America...people like real.  The fact that you and I have discussions and occasional words is what is interesting - not me oking your art. While we discussed (argued) I who know nothing of art learned from you. This is how we have come to know each other and are able to read each other. Our communications makes neither of us look bad, but human.  The reality part also gives a potential client seriously considering commissioning you for similar services, a reality check.  Think about this idea, your costs,  and how we might present, market,package it - booklet or whatever as I am not going to print another book and I am not sure it would be worth as much in digital form.


Also when this Kickstarter succeeds and it will I still have one more book to do or it will not be a trilogy and that will be a Kickstarter project also.


Bill me the $XXX so I can get over the pain.





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