Ruslan 6th August 2016



Location of Wording.  Here are the choices and you pick the one that comes closest to restoring your peace of mind.


The wording of the crows


Above Dorothy's Words, leave Dorothy's Words as they are.


Relocate crow words above Dorothy's words; relocate Dorothy's words centered beneath the feet of Dorothy and Crow Lady.


Cow Comment


The issue that I am having however is that it appears the basket is hanging tucked under the udder, but the rope to the basket appears to be tied just behind the cows shoulders. I would either remove the one teet that looks like it's hanging over Toto, or adjust where the line for the strap appears to be.


Peeky says remove the tit blocking Toto. 


Eye Comment


It will need to be more apparent.


Good Luck Ruslan.  I have worked out the details of the final set of books and will provide them this upcoming week.




Ruslan Vigovsky


Hello Peeky,


I visited your websites:


and saw that you are continuing to publish our correspondence. You know that I am against publishing without the agreement with me. I said that you can publish the intermediate images, but not all.


I do not want my private correspondence was published. It is my right. Only I can determine what can be published and what is not. You do it without my permission. Do you understand that it is confidential information? Before starting work on the project, we agreed that I will create art for you, but we did not agree about the publication of my texts. I am not only the author of the images, but also the author of the texts.


I see two variants to solve this problem:


1) you will delete all my texts


2) let's solve this problem financially. Each text of my message - $XXX.


In addition you have to agree with me what are you going to publish.


There is information that I do not want to publish at all, a lot of rubbish and meaningless messages.


Many messages just need to remove.


The image "The wizard was odd" for the site is distorted, it needs to be fixed.


I can send a correct image.


I also noticed that there is a discrepancy of the dates.


Additionally, you publish the posts and sign them by your name,  but they contain my texts. I have attached an example of such a message. Such messages can not be published.






P, S. I will think of the comments you have sent.


In general, the number of comments can be infinite...






Greetings Ruslan,


If all goes well, people will take interest in your prints. Below please find an article. I know you use a printer but do you do an artist proof after so many prints?


Here is the article on limited prints. They speak of plates, carvings, etc. Does any of this apply to us?


Other than an extensive run of images or running out of ink, what would affect our printing.


from my I-Phone




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