Ruslan 4th August 2016

Ruslan Vigovsky


Hello Peeky,


I see you have increased the cow and Toto. I moved them just a little bit differently, otherwise Dorothy will point on the William's back.


As for Toto hanging from the nipple. The calf is not hanging, and standing on the ground and sucks milk. Toto hangs and stretches it. It will look unaesthetic and will hurt a cow. In addition, you want to show the tail as I did before. How Toto is hanging now it is the best way.


I moved the text of the crow, but Dorothy's text can not be so placed.







This is good. I see you rearranged the text - I am getting opinions on that. Also in the end, the eye will have to stand out...I will get back to you by Friday. Thanks for your patience.




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