Ruslan 3rd June 2016

Ruslan Vigovsky


Thanks, Peeky


The book cover needs to adjust the sizes, including the bleed. On Monday evening I will send the design. From this Monday I will have more time for your project. Meanwhile you can prepare the next scene and I will start on it at once.


Best regards,






Greetings Ruslan,


Since we are changing jobs I wanted to be sure that we are on the same page with terms: This is our original agreement: Do you agree to honor it now that we have changed the name to Graphic Art?


Oct 28, 2014 Hi Peeky, Thank you for the awarding, I accepted it. I will change the Wizard's face in the sketch and am going to send it tomorrow. We can communicate through e-mail as well. Here is my address: m Best regards, Ruslan


Oct 28, 2014 Ok thx. -Peeky


Oct 25, 2014 Dear Ruslan Vigovsky, Congratulations, I have selected more than one of you to work on this project with me. Each of you created some feature, characteristic, or piece of art that I found desirable and hope to incorporate in either the cover of my book or elsewhere within the book. Therefore, together we will work through this project and I will collaborate with each of you if you are agreeable to the following conditions. To move forward, I require that you agree to and understand these terms and conditions. Irrespective of where we are in whatever stage or refinement of this project, you relinquish any and all ownership interests in your contributions-creations. This applies whether I use them or not and regardless of whether they are sketches, drafts, ideas, renderings, complete and not, as well as all finished projects. In other words, as we go through this project, everything that you create as we work toward our goal of the book cover belongs to me. If I end up using one artist's ideas exclusively, then this artist may add his creation to his portfolio and will be recognized in each book produced. If the project is a collaboration, then all artists may use the final renderings in their portfolios if they show it as a collaborative effort. With respect to recognition within the book, I will show it as a collaborative effort listing the primary contributor first. Every sketch, idea, rendering, no matter how bad, please save it. When the project is over, if you mail these originals to me, signed, I will pay out a bonus to each of you covering the cost of postage and then some for your well-deserved help. Upon the completion of the project, my payment to you in full shall conclude our business on that particular project. If you are interested, I will offer other projects to you. I have several characters in the book. Like the cover, I would like your visions of what they might look like. If we can find a fit, I will pay one of you and I will not send it out to bid on Guru. However, if I do not find a rendering suitable, it will have nothing to do with your talents, yet I do reserve the right to reject your submissions and find an artist or artists from any source to complete each project. I also need a fantasy map of Oz. I have the details worked out and some sample maps that show the level of detail that I am seeking. In closing, the terms and provisions set forth above, apply to the book cover project, and any and all subsequent projects awarded to you. In other words, I own it, save the drafts until the end to receive a bonus and book and portfolio credit shall also apply. -Peeky


Oct 25, 2014 Dear Peeky, I am glad and hope for the fruitful cooperation. Yes, I agree to these conditions and am willing to create the other projects. Please award me the project at guru and I will start working on an illustration for the cover based on my sketch. Please let me know the exact size of the book cover. Thanks, Ruslan




 On another note. What do I have to do to get some scenes at the lower end of the spectrum...


Mar 10, 2015




Project Message From Ruslan Vigovsky:




If everything is okay, then I'll do it tomorrow in color.


At the beginning we agreed on the prices from $XXX to $XXX for an illustration, and the conversion to color $XXX.


For this illustration, I would like $XXX and $XXX for color conversion. When I finish the illustration in color I will invoice for everything.


Do you agree?






Ruslan Vigovsky




Of course, our agreement remain in force, changed only the name of the project.


If you want we can communicate from the previous project,


and I will submit invoices from the new one. Thanks, Ruslan




Thank you. I have no problem with the new one at all. I appreciate your prompt response. These are all questions I must prepare for in Kickstarter. Did you seem my question about the $XXX scenes at the very bottom of the communique?




I am trying to better understand what you were saying regarding the various price options on CDs with digital art.


Cost of CD with art on the actual CD including limited edition and numbered - $_________________


How much EXTRA If I add art to a heavy duty sleeve (or is that a bad idea) $------------------


How much EXTRA If I add art to a plastic cover instead of a sleeve (or is that a bad idea) $------------------


What were you saying about a stamp - if that applies to here, then how much more for that?


How much for shipping 100 ______________ and 500___________


Is the stamp you use instead of your signature or is it included in the art.


Can you sign CDs?







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