Ruslan 3rd August 2016

Ruslan Vigovsky




let's finish this sketch and an illustration.


You said that the sketch 8 is close. Then why did you give the comments to sketch 7? There the crows are already closer and we see more of Dorothy's face. Dorothy is already between Toto and the crows.


It is attached again.


It is impossible to make Toto bigger and farther back in this composition. This will lead to a breach of the proportions of all the characters and the composition structure.


Dorothy's text can not be shown at the bottom, it's bad for the composition, and will be difficult to read

on the road background. Usually the text is placed at the top, closer to the head, where the words come out. In the sketch 8 both groups of text are placed good.


I have attached a drawing that shows Toto hanging from the cow's nipple. The udder will be stretched from the weight of Toto. You see if to do as you want then Toto will be on the ground. It is very bad.


What was possible to change I did. The other things mentioned above are absurd and meaningless.


You often want to break my compositions. I create them easily, much more difficult explain you the laws of their formation.


Hope for your understanding.


I can change the Dorothy's arms of from what you suggested, it makes sense. If you agree, I will send the sketch with changed Dorothy's arms tomorrow. At this stage, I will not take additional fee (last sketches: 7, 8, 8+ dorothy's arms)












Dear Ruslan,


I think we can wrap it up.  I have given your comments serious consideration and have made changes as follows on the attached jpg.  I understand your concerns - distortions due to proximity, but then we lived with that distortion in the manticore scene where the metal man was smaller than should have been.


So attached is what I want.  I suggest you redo Toto because that is the only part that remains an issue. Have you spent any time under a cow?  I don't think so. If you think a 20lb dog is going to do that to a cow's will not. Calves pull a lot harder than what toto weighs. Also, he is supported by a sling if that makes you feel better.


Finally - he is not to look like a dog - a dog will startle no one..  He is to look like an unrecognizable black thing with a wide open eye.  If possible, you can show a faint outline of his legs tucked aga his body, and I like his tail hanging as you had done in one scene.  Thx for your patience. If it comes out poorly or unbalanced, that is my problem and I will pay for my mistake.


I have rearranbed the text.  Also - as we face Dorothy, I want her left arm extended toward William.







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