Ruslan 30th October 2016



Ok - I after this last email I threw up my hands and said "I need a break".


So now...Let's take a step back and allow me to think outloud.


 I am doing three sets of books. The colored ones  - these will be a paperback set and the same image will be used for the dust jacket of  the purple book.


Books images 1&2 Glossy Combined.jpg


The blue textured books in your first sample (sample.jpg) below is the second set of books which will be a hard cover- these are fine and complete except for barcode and ISBN.  This set will have no dust jacket.


I got confused with your washed out texture-color purple example - it did not look purple and It was so far from the sample of cover material I had been viewing I thought it was a redo of the  blue textured books. I now understand what you are explaining.


Here is a link to the site that is marketing the material.


Perhaps you can download what you need. The books with that purple color and texture can be the same size as the book the image I downloaded here and the same size as your sample 1. The final illustration has to have the clarity and detail of the paperbacks and the blue hard covers. If this link does not provide it what do you suggest we do?  this is the same site that provided material you worked with on the blue books. Also, can you enhance the gold in the purple pattern if needed to better display the logo.


Concerning the lettering . I am fortune NOT to be bound by the constraints of conventionality. Please double the height of that text, "Commemorative Gold Edition" and drop the image and text beneath the image an equal amount to compensate.


How much is it going to cost me to make that microscopic adjustment in color to the Logo to fit on the back of the book.


I think this gets us up and running again.





Ruslan Vigovsky



Please see the attached book cover. I increased the "Commemorative Gold Edition" and did everything a little bit more so that it looks harmoniously. This is still without qualitative texture for the background.


I tried to download the Rainbow® Marble ™ 1307 Charoite texture, but it failed to do. Please contact them and ask can we get a high resolution image and let me know.

If not, I can do a similar high-quality texture myself.


Best regards,





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