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Greetings Ruslan. This link will take you to some book cover material. The art that you did for the first two books will be used as glossy covers for paperbacks.


I am looking at the color midnight for book one and two of the middle grade edition. And I am considering either the gray or gold marble for the highend book One and two edition.


Also, this link will show you the book material pattern, call the stamping, toward the bottom, after the color. I have not decided on that yet. But I will work out these details within the next week, hopefully with the publisher. I would like both mid and Hiend books to have logo displayed prominently on the cover. I understand that if we go with the gold marble that we will need an outline around the logo to set it apart from the gold and the cover. I was thinking of a silowet of the wizard might be a very interesting separationof the cold and the cover and the gold and the logo. However, I hope you have some ideas as far as creativity for either cover as I would be receptive.


We need the authors name, the book name, the trilogy name, and on the highend edition I am thinking of some commemorative language such as celebrating 115 years or commemorative edition.


In closing, the sooner that you come up with some really cool, creative ideas then the sooner you can start on it.


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