Ruslan 27th july 2016


Bird man looks pretty good.


Bird lady - make her bow legged (obvious) and raise he leg feathers so you can see more leg please.  Also, She is supposed to look dowdy as she is the female of the specie.  She looks identical to him and she can't.



Her tail feathers are too full considering that the image you will use in the scene will have far fewer and a good deal more butt.


As far as color, the male should be splendid - deep rich hues with a good sheen - like the fur on a young black dog.  Color his arms and legs and human parts as best you can to make them stand out and give him an old face.


Her colors should be black, perhaps sight grey edge -  but dull and color human parts to to contrast please....


thaznk you.



Ruslan Vigovsky



I made a new sketch. The result is quite a complex composition. I depicted Toto so that she looks in the direction of Dorothy. Due to the large eye and 5 characters there is very little space for text. But I made 2 versions: with and without text. It would be better not to place the text at all.


I just got your message, so I will make the changes in the bird lady and I'll send it tomorrow.


Best regards,







I don't understand why the scene has to be vertical. It is not working Please try it horizontal. I like the birds! Toto still looks like a dog.




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