Ruslan 26th july 2016


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Ruslan Vigovsky


Peeky, I made a human butt to the female bird and bony knees to male bird. Now part of the wing butt covered with a wing, but in the illustration with raised wing it will be more pronounced.


If everything is okay, I will do them in more detail and in color as I do usually. Do you have any suggestions on color? Waiting for your reply.


Just received a text on the scene, I will see it. While  I see that you have turned Toto with open eye, but in this case it will looking at the viewer, and not at the birds and Dorothy. Do you want that it looking in the direction of the viewer? But it is contrary to the text.










His eye is supposed to be looking at the birds not Dorothy. Dorothy is explaining to the birds he is a dog not a parasite. Dorothy is looking at the birds also. The birds are reacting to toto looking at them.


I copied and reversed your image and drew an eye - to make my point not because I wanted it looking where it appears.  I will look at the bird tomorrow.Good night





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