Ruslan 24th August 2016

Ruslan Vigovsky


Hello Peeky,


Do you mean those sketches for the characters (A4), or also the large drawings (A-3 +) for illustrations made on paper?


Before moving on to the drafts, I would like to finish with the texts on the site. I spent a lot of time on editing and would like you to remove the excess text. There's a lot of garbage. I do not think it will interest someone. It would be good if I will place the texts and pictures myself.


Best regards,






Yes those drawings. You might be able to eliminate the crows' text. You can send me a couple of different versions if you have multiple ideas. Yes we can finish this up as I have some other books I need designed




Ruslan Vigovsky


Hi Peeky,


Please specify, do you want to get all the sketches (A-4) and the drawings (A-3+) or only drawings of the illustrations?


I am working on the color image. Really, it will look better without the text. Hope it will be completed today in the evening.


Do you plan to do the following illustration for this book in the near future?


Also, you are going to send me the third set of the books.







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