Ruslan 22nd july 2016


Modifications attached





Ruslan Vigovsky


Hello Peeky,


Please see the new sketch.


I made some changes to the extent possible, taking into account the narrow format. The need to focus on the Toto's eye does not allow to reduce it. Therefore, there is little space to scale and change the other three characters. For the landscape there is a little space, because there must be a relationship between the Toto's eye and other characters. Also you want to place the text. I can not yet work in detail with the birds, because I did not get an answer about the modified image I posted recently. There is a contradiction: you want to show emotions and landscape. There are 4 characters that have to interact and you we can not show them small. Since the composition is saturated, it is necessary to place a small amount of the text. Hope for your understanding.






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