Ruslan 20th july 2016

Ruslan Vigovsky




I made the new bird man. I do not think that need to do dark arms, otherwise they will not be seen on the background of dark feathers.


You have not said anything regarding the sketch which I sent yesterday.







Greetings Ruslan,


I am attaching a shorter version of the original description for this scene.


Currently it misses the purpose of the scene in many ways.


Bird People are startled (body languages,facial features)


The image of Toto is supposed to be an open eye in this weird unrecognizable  clump appearing to hang from a nipple. -  I would think since Dorothy is the one speaking most of the text we would want to see her with an amused facial scene...


The scene is not about William yet he takes up most of the canvas.


I think landscape would work better.






Ruslan Vigovsky


Hello Peeky,


I made a new version of the sketch. It is the preliminary sketch to show the composition.


If you want that Toto's eye works, need to increase Toto. It is also necessary to show that she is looking in the direction of Dorothy and the bird people.


Best regards,






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