Ruslan 1st September 2016

Ruslan Vigovsky

Hello Peeky,

Glad you liked them.

I improved something in addition in this illustration.Please take the attached version.

I would like $XXX for the last changes.







Greetings Ruslan,


You should enjoy this project, at least the creative part.  This link will take you to some book cover sample material.  The colors I tend to like are:


Ebony, Mica, and Lazuli.  Whatever the cover material is, both books will have the same.


However, I like the green one because it has swirls of gold which will go well with the gold foil stamp. So I want you to to come up with something striking. We can have foil other than if your ideas justify it. You can google foil to see colors.  So think about the art, text, foil, and pick some covers to work with. I understand that I will be paying extra for this and will try to work with your preliminaries.


However, I also want a dust jacket.


The books and dust jacket can utilize the text as follows wherever you believe it looks best.:


The Wizard Was Odd Trilogy and Celebrating 120 years - You did a great job with that on the blue books.




Book One?

Book Two?

Gold Commemorative Edition


As far as Art goes, the dust jacket will be four color and can therefore utilize my logo in full color with the surrounding gold bead skulls. I was thinking that a large logo could be center image for the front cover. If you have an idea,  I am open to hearing it and if we use it, the Logo could be used on the back cover along with the above text.


On the books themselves, since it is gold foil, I am thinking that detailed art will not show well. So, my idea is a facial of the Wizard looking out and at the reader. If we do this, it could be embellished and used on the dust Jacket with more color and detail. We went through this before when you created Wizard faces the first time. I was looking for one with menacing, mad, devious, and cruel features.  We never got there and I settled for what you did and moved on.  For the cover, I still want this. I will include some of the images as examples that I included before. If we can't get it to my satisfaction this time, I will give the face only to someone else. You will still create the books and layout of the books.  I specified that I might use different artists on this project as one of my conditions in our initial agreement to which you agreed. I wanted to be upfront about this - so it is not personal. If you can't create that kind of image then know that the person who does create it will not be able to replicate the beauty in your art.


Please review the attached pictures.


I also
















Thank you! No problem.




Ruslan Vigovsky




No problem, I can do that. Tomorrow I will write you more in detail.


I sent the invoice.







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