Ruslan 1st August 2016

Ruslan Vigovsky


Hello Peeky,     


I've been looking for what you have asked for and found finally. I wrote to you Mar 17, 2015:


"...You can have some new ideas and desires and


I create these different compositions, color versions, and so on. I can not immediately imagine what you want and what you like more. I create these works in my individual style considering changing of your desires. But I have to spend much time creating new versions for you. Each version has the right to life and some of them I like more than the ones you like...


So my proposal: in the future I'll do some work: sketch, drawing, color image, this will include possible other two new versions according your new ideas at fixed price based on our previous agreements, but further changes (fourth, fifth, sixth and so on) will be charged separately. "


The problem is not you are not able to express in words what you hope to see on canvas. Sometimes you change your vision. For example, earlier you asked to make Toto's eye is very visible, and now the focus will be the crows... Therefore I depicted Toto and William closer so that the eye works.


Also, I understand, you're not an artist, this is not your profile, and you do not think by spatial relationships on canvas flatness.


Basically, everything is going normally.


Please see the new sketch. Since you want to move Toto, we will see more of the cow. All the same, I tried to make so that the Toto's eye will be visible. Hope you will like it.


Best regards,






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