Ruslan 18th August 2016



I am on vacation and should have time to answer this in the next week. I have to ponder it




Ruslan Vigovsky




Okay. Have a nice vacation!


If you will require some new changes, I can do this when you get back from vacation.


I will place the texts in the color image because the color density  will be higher on the sky and it will look differently in the black & white and sepia. After that I will place that into b&w and sepia versions.


I would like to submit an invoice for the black & white and sepia illustrations  ($XXX as we agreed ) which I did on the basis of the approved sketch. It would be nice if you pay it in the coming days.








Dont spend any time on this. I am trying to think how we might be able to make money with it through kickstarter.  If we can find interest it will need to be printed off. People will  care as much about the text as they will the images as it is supposed to be a true journey of our creative processes. So if you cut it up too much and it looks cut up and worked over, it will not have the same interest.  I understand about the images - totally because at the time I only cared to give people a close idea of the concept.


This looks really good, Ruslan. Moving forward - no more sepia - I can't use them anywhere - bw and color. Very nice - please give his some pizaszz with color like the kiss of the witch - great job!





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