Ruslan 17th july 2016

Ruslan Vigovsky


Hello Peeky,


I made a man bird. I depicted his wings so that it looks like clothes.


Hope you will like it.


Best regards,







Good first try. But no. He looks too much like an indian chief...old west america. He has to look half human and this guy looks like a man in a bird costume.




Ruslan Vigovsky




That's right, this corresponds to your text:  "their coats was actually their feathers."


"The bird people have bird feet" - corresponding


"The old man was on the far side of her and as we drew nigh, I saw that he wore a similar coat of feathers, but his was in better condition" - corresponding


"expressive faces, with more wrinkles than a cotton shirt, marked them as clearly human. Their noses, however, were well on the way to becoming beaks and claimed a great part of their face." - corresponding


"his cap turned out to be crowns of short feathers that had replaced the hair of their heads." - Of course, it will be like an indian chief.


Let me know what you want to change exactly.







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