Ruslan 14th June 2016

Ruslan Vigovsky




Thank you for the samples. Either way need to do sketches.


I will look for the better angle. Looking forward to other details.








I understand. The books are to be 6x9" with a spine width of no more than two inches. I see no reason why you can't start on the glossy cover books now as you have pretty much completed the art on both dust jackets and that is the art we will use on the glossy books.


I am attaching a design I would like you to consider because my space is limited. In fact it is limited so that I must show three sets of books in three images.  If you follow a layout like the ones I am attaching, then you will only need to  show the cover and spine on the top book and a partial cover and spine on the bottom book. Book one - Toto's Tale, Book 2 - Trail of tears


One set of both will be glossy covers


The other two sets I will work on.










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