Ruslan 12th july 2016

Ruslan Vigovsky


Hello Peeky,


Regarding the realistic book images, I began to develop it before working on the image for the stamp and on the text. It was important to choose such leather texture that will work well for the presentation and it works. Please see the attached modified cover. Such composition is optimal, because if to show all the text on the upper part, it will be overloaded. Interval and rhythm are important. It is impossible to increase the image any more. No need to show too much area of ??the golden image.


Hope for your understanding,








This looks pretty good. Let me pass that around. I like it.


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Ruslan Vigovsky

Hello Peeky,


Glad you liked it.


I made the image of realistic books with leather texture.


Also I made PDF images for printing (mask). It is necessary for the technology and suitable for stamping and things like that.


You mentioned that have some other scenes. I would like to create more works now, while there is an opportunity. Please send the information on the next scene.











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