Ruslan 11th july 2016


I am trying some ideas out on Power Point as it is the best I can do to get an idea of a link. You need not spend any time on the books until I do which I will try to do in the next day (I started), but here are some issues with these books.


1. can u make the image larger?


2. The title of each book has to be on the cover - there are no titles


3. 1900 - 2020 CELEBRATING 120 YEARS Collectors' Edition


4. The text beneath the cover image makes no sense and needs to come off.


5. The "1900 - 2020" is a span of years and makes no sense unless incorporated together. I made mistake by giving them to you separated. Your illustration shows me they do not work the way I suggested.


Like I say...let me work on this before you waste any time.




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