Ruslan 10th August 2016


Lets move onto another image if you do not want to give me the location options I requested earlier. If we ever get it finished we will settle up at that time. I will send you the information for you to design the final book cover set tomorrow...I will try.



Ruslan Vigovsky




Regarding locations the text...


It is not determined by my desire, "want" - "not want" It is determined will the text work or not.


I changed it as you want, but I am against this arrangement of the text, it will not work ...


I made two versions, the second with illuminated text, so that it somehow works, but it is to the detriment of the composition. It is attached.


I would like to finish this illustration (detailed drawing, sepia and color) because spent a lot of time for discussion, clarification and creating of the sketches


and I am in this topic.








I cant recall if I sent this - I am sending them off for comparison. you were correct about both text blocks not working in the center over Dorothy




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