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Hello Peeky,


It will take me some time to get a return message on the print info you requested, but I will try to do that right away.


As for the phases, Phase 1 is just the sketch (anywhere from fairly rough to more finished, depending on the scope) and Phase 2 is the final color work (low res until approved, and then once the balance in paid, all high resolution formats of that image are uploaded to you). (attached is one example).


"Interior" just means any illustration inside of a book, as opposed to the cover imagery.


One thing I was wondering, was, if a scene is a single-page (a vertical composition) then you are still cool with that being blown up as an art print, right? Since every scene is potentially a print, then it's OK that some are vertical as opposed to horizontal ratios?


The box checked was for "exclusive" rights, which means that you will own the copyright as sole, once the balance due is paid in full. The only rights I retain are to be able to show the work to promote myself for future jobs (attachments / portfolio websites, etc).


So, I think you are suggesting that we stay in Guru, instead of regular channels? That's OK. It's been a while for me to actually work inside of Guru, so bear with me as I don't even remember how that works, nor what has changed.


As for driving me crazy...I dunno? I value time and honest relationships. I aim to please whoever my director is, as long as I am being treated fairly. If I feel I am not being treated fairly, I will speak up. I think if you are willing to give me the quiet time between phases to complete the work, I will be happy. Since a lot of what you need is different from the norm, I guess just always remember that I may need to be guided through the steps the first time--as I get lost in the creative parts and may need to be reminded about the other steps you want. I've been doing this a long time.


OK, so I will work on getting the print specs verified, and post that here.


Kind regards,







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