OnDrawnWings 6th june 2017



Greetings Ryan,


I see when I hit expand all, in this Guru messaging, that it does incorporate my text.  The text before  this one  is your email text to me outside of Guru. The message before this one looks like it came from me. Sorry to be confusing.


Now moving on to the Giclee and costs of production. I reviewed your prices and your art agreement.


In reference to price of the art per piece.  That is acceptable. If we work out the other aspects of this agreement, you can keep the discount to offset your Guru costs and if we work well which I expect we would as you want to be paid, then I will cover any other shortages due to Guru.


First, I must know the type of archival paper you will be using - its name, mfg, and verifiable archival life which should be on the web.  I also need to know specs and details of the ink and printer.  It also needs to be verifiable as archival.  Once we settle that, the terms of creation, pricing, etc are to be part of the agreement. I have no interest in the art if I can't work this part out.  It doesn't matter how beautiful it is.  And I believe you are capable of some dazzling stuff.


I also require that my terms and conditions be an addendum and there be a clause within the agreement stating that if there is any confusion and conflict between your boilerplate and my addendum, that the language in my addendum supersedes.


I am also unclear exactly what I get for phase 1 and phase 2. I understand the description of the work.  But exactly what phases of art is presented to me in Phase 1 and I see the final piece is provided low res in phase 2, but what do I get before the final. Also what is an interior scene?     You referred to it as something else somewhere else.


Finally - I have no interest in use rights, but sole ownership. I will grant you use rights.


Once we work this out, you can begin immediately on a sample scene. I will pay you $XXX, 200 down once you clarify the phases and lets see how we work together - I might drive you crazy.


Let me know and if I can't get back to you before the week end forgive me.



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