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I'm having some prints done really soon (about 8-9 days yet), from a side-project of mine. I could send you one, so you can see the quality, and hey, maybe you will enjoy the print, too!


How would you like to proceed, if you are interested in working together?


One way would be, if you saw all of my responses in [ brackets above ] and my rate is in the ballpark, then I'd suggest that you assign two images that you really want done badly, or that you feel fit my style the most, and I could write a mock contract for those two? (There is no obligation for the mock contract. Partial payment initiates the work.)


By the way, I haven't worked through Guru in a long while. Does Guru take a % of my rate?


Thanks, Peeky,






I am fine with your suggestion, but I do need archival prints. If I have to pay a bit more than I will. So will you please look into this?  If not, I will try to find one in driving distance of you and if not try to find one on the internet that will send you prints for your signature and such. However, I do not have the time now to research that and may not have it for a couple of weeks as my real job has me in alligators up to my knees.


So let me know on that or let me know you are looking into it. I did answer all of the questions in your email and about your fee. Did you get that email?


In any event, you can draft an agreement with my stipulations in it and lets see if we can proceed.








I am fairly certain that I cannot see responses. It appears to be copy/pasted without responses. Plus, one message says "files attached" from you today but there isn't anything to view. Sorry to inconvenience you while you are busy.


Then, we could use colors to highlight our responses (something I do often). I tried using brackets but it's still a little confusing.


The prints are based on the printer's paperback cover process, and is for sure, for sure, archival. The paper is matte, and smooth. All I meant was that it's not rough paper or high tooth paper. But yes, definitely archival.


I can send you one, for your approval in a week or so, if you want to check it over.






Greetings Ryan,


If you would like to send me one, I will have it checked out as I would not know archival from poster since I rely on digital for my photo-shopping and pleasure in viewing.  But as long as it is archival, that would be good. I would need the type of ink and weight of the paper because it has meaning to people who have more of a professional  interest in their art.


I have sent you the two emails by regular email rather than Guru - they were bold and hilite green in the orig and in the regular sent just now.





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