OnDrawnWings 30th july 2017



Do the two scenes keeping in mind my objectives as well as you can.


The scenes created thus far were directed by me and have the characters as I desired them - so that art is likely more reflective of my tastes than not.  Also, I envisioned the art as being desirable for younger aged persons as well because the book can be enjoyed by middle grade up.


So proceed. I will not interfere. I do want things to look realistic though - Dorothy did not look realistic - her pose appeared artificial because in the story she was not unconscious as she mounted  the lion.  Perhaps, you could make her look exhausted....


I could not tell the plant was eating the baby without really studying it and  in the  story the baby was hanging there as a husk - the plants do not eat people they drain their life force and fluids.


In any event - proceed.  I have made many a mistake in life - the current direction of my art could surely be one.





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