OnDrawnWings 29th may 2017

Greetings Ryan,


You certainly do have a unique and fun style. Much of what I have seen, I enjoyed very much.  What I like best and perhaps it is because that style I have thus far, is your ability to create very real life characters with personality and detail without any hint of them appearing cartoonish.


As mentioned this art is for my books,but also is to be used as limited edition signed prints to raise money in Kickstarter.  Are you able to meet the various specifications in my job offer?  With your experience, I would assume so.


To proceed, I need to know your prices for printing the art as archival limited edition prints. I also would to see how we work together with you creating a sample character and scene, Please give me a price for a detailed sketch for each one - you can pick the character and scene from the word files in the job offering.


Assuming thereafter, we could work together on the remainder of the project and the third book, what will you be expecting for a character fee and scene (full color as detailed in the specs).


Thank you for reaching out. Thank you for sharing! I know plenty of people who will enjoy the fruit of your talents, adults and children! I look forward to your reply, Happy Memorial Day!





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