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Peeky - Great cover art, Ryan - looking forward to working with you!


I am putting what we discussed and agreed to in a bullet point format and will provide that to you later today.


Regarding the blog - be yourself - people will hire you for you as much as for your art. Nothing wrong with emotion.


I like the idea of you getting through the existing scenes quickly. I have a couple more to present and will provide details in the near future.


If all of this works out, I have no problem bumping you 20% on the last book.  And yes you will be paid on time for your work as it is completed I will be forward the agreement later.


On Sat, Jun 24, 2017 at 4:35 PM, Ryan Durney  wrote:


As for the phases, Phase 1 is just the sketch (anywhere from fairly rough to more finished, depending on the scope) and Phase 2 is the final color work (low res until approved, and then once the balance in paid, all high resolution formats of that image are uploaded to you). (attached is one example).


"Interior" just means any illustration inside of a book, as opposed to the cover imagery. What is the technical differences? Cover artwork used to mean that it came at the very end of a project, when the look and feel of the interior of the book had already been established, therefore, if a cover wrap was commissioned, it was paid higher and expected that it would be even more polished than the interior art. It also meant that title type had to be balanced with it, as well as spine and back cover design. A lot goes into a good cover. Nowadays, people are apt to want to save money on a book, and 9/10 they ask me to repurpose an interior piece of art for the cover. That's a valid method, too. I sometimes get x3 the payrate for cover art, and always if I am hired for only a cover, since covers take longer and an artist has to conjure the look and feel of the interior story from thin air (especially if it's type-only, in the interior).  I attached a couple of jobs where I was hired for the cover only. They average 30-40 hours of my time, or more.


One thing I was wondering, was, if a scene is a single-page (a vertical composition) then you are still cool with that being blown up as an art print, right? Since every scene is potentially a print, then it's OK that some are vertical as opposed to horizontal ratios?


Peeky - As long as they print out hi-res at 16 X 20 (A3), do what looks best


Ryan -Sounds good.


The box checked was for "exclusive" rights, which means that you will own the copyright as sole, once the balance due is paid in full.


The only rights I retain are to be able to show the work to promote myself for future jobs (attachments / portfolio websites, etc).


Peeky - Ok, I want u 2 use it 2 your benefit


Ryan - Thank you.


So, I think you are suggesting that we stay in Guru, instead of regular channels? That's OK. It's been a while for me to actually work inside of Guru, so bear with me as I don't even remember how that works, nor what has changed.ok,


Peeky - 2 max our exposure for Kickstarter, I would like to use our Guru interactions in a blog. I would never show what you charge or the costs of giclee. That info would show as $XXX.


Ryan - You can use informative stuff like the above, when I prattle on about illustration, haha. Please don't use anything that might make me look unprofessional to potential new clients. I try to stay professional at all times.


Peeky - The blog would include earlier communication and show all of the wonderful art that you shared with me. You can also add your bio and any art in THE WIARD WAS ODD SQUAD IN OZIIAN.COM AKA WIZARDWASODD.COM.


Ryan - I will gladly participate in any marketing between one commission with you, and a potential new commission from you...that is the best time to remind me, otherwise, I need to be like a laser, straight through a project as best I can, and not divide my attention too much (this is my shortcoming--I am not good at juggling marketing on the side). But yes, I will participate if you remind me.


Peeky - The favor I ask is that when you get more work from others from this marketing, that u work as closely with me as yo can with my art. Once Kick is successful, and it will be because I have been paying a social media company for over a year now, I will be facing some deadlines plus there will be a third book to complete the trilogy which will require more art.


Ryan - Even if I get a rush of interest, if you treat me well and the balance is paid on time, I will be forever faithful.


Peeky -  the Giclee prints look like they will cost between $XXX and $XXX. if you will accept $XX per print the sign and stamp and number and review make sure they are high quality then I believe we have a deal and can move forward. 


Ryan - Yes, if that's on par with the other artists, then it suits me too.




'Sounds good, Peeky,


As always, I appreciate any time you're able to put in, to move us forward.


I am working as many hours as I can, to clean up my schedule for July. I am not 100% sure how "clean and neat" it will be, as far as being done on July 1st with current contracts, but it should work out very close to that. There will be some discussion involved with those clients, so that's why I am not sure yet.








Thank you!





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