OnDrawnWings 27th july 2017



Hi Peeky,


I've been working on your roughs a lot. I read all the pages about the Valley, twice. 'Very cool.


As an illustrator, I mostly pride myself on two things: One, on dynamic compositions, which come naturally to me, thankfully...And, two, on being able to suss out what passages need an art piece the most. To that end, I was hit by the image you wrote, of Dorothy slung over the back of the Lion. (I don't know the description of the Lion, incidentally, so I just drew a big lion)...But it was a strong reaction and it would make a strong illustration / desirable print, so, even though I have not been commissioned for it, I included it as a sketch, perhaps as a suggestion to hire me for that? If you warm to this idea, maybe we could add it on while I tackle the Valley work, so it's all fresh in my mind while I would do both.


If not, that's fine, too.


Also attached is my other strong scene instinct, the Bantam Village abandoned cave entrances, with the larger, snakelike vine eating the child head-first. We need to have a chat about what, precisely, Dorothy would be wearing at that point, after she changes at the pond, and if Jim took his shirt back?


I will now finish the Firewalkers sketches!






PS__If you want any help with grammar or small mistakes in the writing, I found a few minor ones.


PSS__*Per the ordeal with my new PC, Frys has advised me to swap in the same motherboard, to replace the current one that refuses to play nice with USB 3 / 3.1 ports...MSI has sent me a replacement, and I will most likely try this soon, where I will lose 3-4 days of work time. Please forgive the inconvenience, and add 3-4 days onto my deadlines...This is timely, anyway, since my wife and I aim to visit the Gulf at about the same time.






PSSS__Please remember that I *don't* work directly from my hand-drawn sketches, rather, I sculpt 3D pieces BASED ON those visual and mental notes. Once roughs are approved, you will have another chance to weigh in on a preliminary.



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