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Greetings Ryan, what didn't you like about Giclee Today?


Also, what are you hoping to make personally per piece for signing and stamping - this will help me determine a price point. I understand shipping and such is extra. I am thinking that there could be hundreds. and so if I am paying $XXX -$XXX and paying you $XXX  per piece, it would be about $XXX per piece that would still work.








Hey Peeky,


(Sorry for the later response, some extra work popped up with finishing another contract, and I had to burn the midnight oil again)


Your figures above are spot-on imo. When I get home from walking my dog, I will look at Giclee Today again. I don't have any problems with that equation.






Ok, I have put in a phone call to them to make sure I know what we are getting. I will review your email with all of the detail of had to do with your contract and hopefully we can get started! Thank you for your patience.


Expect delays, out of the office,  when responses are sent from my iPhone-



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