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Sorry, I was out of my studio last night,


I was thinking  16" x 20 " or roundabout for my work.


I am in Austin, TX., and have ruled out a number of downtown print shops, including Agave, Ginny's, and Miller Imaging and also ruled out several online printers: Atelier, GicleeToday, ProImaging, and Finerworks. Local Giclee Printer, "Skyline" does it, but appears to be too pricey, and does not have bright white, semi-matte smooth-type art papers (which is what I would want--the satin / smooth / low rag texture / low "tooth") and also doesn't show volume discounts.


As for my go-to online Giclee printer, whom I've used before, I mean to say " PictureSalon.com ." Tom and Barbara are the owners / operators, and their # is:  888 - 833 - 1102


They have done some pretty good work for me in the past.


I appreciate your help and expertise. I'm sorry to cost you time on this, but if you find leads that I didn't, I don't mind calling them or whatever.







I appreciate your patience! It will work out.  Tell me about the print size you are speakin of 16 x 20.  How much is border?  How and where do you number each print. Where do you sign?  Also you mentioned a stamp.  Can you send me a pic of it or a pic with it?


Also - to be clear you have quoted me various ranges.  These per print prices also include you numbering and signing, stamping, etc - correct?






Hi again,


I will stamp a poster print of mine tomorrow, to show you what that looks like, because I want you to see the metallic ink and all that.


16 x 20 just seemed like a good fit for me--not too big / not too small. I am open on that front.


The prices I sent did include the stamping and numbering. Everything but potential shipping costs.






I had time to read about the various sources you went to to check out the printing. I really appreciate that!.


Expect delays, out of the office,  when responses are sent from my iPhone-



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